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Hypnotherapy is a form complementary therapy in which your subconscious mind is active at all times, and is aware of everything that is happening to you and been said.

Hypnotherapy is safe, relaxing, and enjoyable experience .You are in complete control, therefore you will not do or say anything you wouldn’t want others to know about yourself.

Hypnotherapy is a tool that allows positive and life changing suggestions to take place helping goals to be achieved.


Will I get stuck in, hypnosis?

The answer is no, it’s impossible as it’s a natural and normal state of mind, that we enter sometimes on a daily basis.


The answer is no, you may drift into relaxation in your own unique way. It can resemble sleep, eyes are closed, and you can still move around and talk if needed, and fully alert to any danger. 

Common issues for seeking Hypnotherapy

- Weight Management program.

- Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Program.

- Stress Management, low self esteem, unable to cope.

- Public speaking, exam nerves, habits and many other issues.

- Free consultation.


For further information 07814 271507