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General signs of physical and emotional symptoms of bereavement

Grief is a natural response to loss its emotional suffering when something or someone you love has been taken away. You may associate grief with a loved one and this type of grief can be the most intense. Other losses in life that can cause grief are, loss of a relationship, death of a pet, miscarriage, loss of friendship, job or maybe a cherished dream.

Typical symptoms

Shock, numbness, anger or sadness, disturbing dreams, anxiety, insomnia, worry, digestive upset, lack of energy, muscle tightness or body pains. They are all part of the grieving process if left unprocessed such losses can leave emotional scars and long term difculties including mental health issues

Bereavement counselling

The purpose of grief counselling is to help individuals work through their feeling thoughts and memories associated with a loved one by helping you through the grieving process of painful emotions. The normal results from grief counselling is to help to make the relevant adjustments which may help you to discover positive coping mechanisms, including moving on with one’s life recognising or accepting the loss of the individual.

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