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General signs and symptoms of low self esteem

We can all experience problems with low self esteem at certain times of our lives. Self esteem is how much we feel valued loved and accepted by others and how much we love and value ourselves. Low self esteem can be associated with many illnesses, and can seem like a vicious circle, where the lower your opinion of yourself gets the more anxious and depressed you become. The signs can vary some of them apply to limited people, for instance people who have been bullied, or sexually and mentally abused, they may have weight or image issues. The attacks can be triggered and often occur whenever a person with self esteem thinks they are not good enough or they may feel they have said something stupid, been rude or incorrect and judged by others.

Typical symptoms

Social withdrawal, reluctance to trust your own opinion, treating yourself badly but not others, eating disorders, depressed or bouts of sadness, anxiety and emotional anxiety, expecting little of one self, inability to accept complements.


Self esteem counselling can help you explore your hopes and expectations and explore hidden feelings also support you on your journey to develop your inner strength and need for additional information.

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