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General physical and psychological signs of stress

The stress response is the body’s way of protecting you, it helps you stay focused and energetic which is known as the fight or flight, Hormones are released into our body to allow us to deal with the immediate problem, as in the days when we had to hunt for food, run away as quickly as possible. Mild symptoms of stress are usually unavoidable. Daily stresses and modern day living, because there are many manifestations of stress build up can go unnoticed. In addition the physical impact of stress, the psychological impact can be signicant and result in potential conditions such as anxiety disorders and depression. If you have suffered severe symptoms every day for two weeks you should seek help from your GP.

Typical symptoms of stress

Palpitations, heart racing, irritability, smoking and drinking more. Headaches, feeling anxious and tense, fainting, pain and tightness in chest, indigestion

Stress counselling

Counselling is often useful at assisting people in limiting the negative effects of stress and to recognise the major courses and help them to make changes that will help them react less to stressful situations.

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